Gate, Door & Shutter Automation

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We have the ability to supply bespoke gate drive systems to suit the very wide range of gates, doors and shutters (new & old) that are found in the UK.  Indeed we thrive on a challenge, by taking ‘standard’ electro-mechanical drive units and then with the aid of specially written computer software adding ‘tailor made’ mounting brackets, link arms etc., we can rapidly deliver a bolt on solution to a difficult problem.  There are three main types of gate drive and folding shutter drive units in our range:

• Type MT Suitable for pedestrian and other smaller openings – single leaf up to 3m & double leaf up to 6m. Medium & high frequency use.
• Type MK Suitable for most swing gates and shutters in common use – single leaf up to 5m & double leaf up to 10m. Medium &high frequency use.
• Type M10 Suitable for heavy duty gate automation, for large, heavy gates and shutters – single leaf up to 10m & double leaf up to 20m. Medium frequency use (due to lower operation speed).

These figures are for guidance only, as consideration must be given to the type of hinges and their ease of movement, wind resistance – hence the type and density of the infill etc.  Specific information regarding the available torque and opening times can be found on the individual information sheets. The gearing on both the MK and M10 gate drives may be easily changed to achieve the best motion and running times.

Whilst our major expertise is in drives for swing gate drives and shutter drives we also make a range of sliding gate drives, complete with all the necessary running gear and mounting brackets.

All of our gate drive systems can be controlled by our own leading edge EP104 control panel. This fully programmable panel will cope with virtually every control requirement and may be interlocked with other EP panels.  Please see the separate information sheets.

Free technical advice is always available at any stage, before, during or after installation, and we hold in stock a complete range of drives, accessories and spare parts.


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