Gate Safety

British Standard BSEN 12453:2001 recommends a minimum level of safeguarding against the crushing hazard at the closing edge of the gate. If there are parts of the gates where a pedestrian could become trapped or crushed when the gate is moving then these parts need to be protected. The gate must have an emergency release mechanism in case somebody gets trapped. Gates should reverse if they hit anything and they should be fitted with sensors such as photoelectric devices that will stop them if something has been detected in the direction of travel and before they hit any obstacle.

For the last 30 years Davidson and Pearson Ltd has been supplying gates fitted with safety buffers etc., and as technology has improved we have endeavoured to supply gates fitted with the most up to date equipment available. All our gates conform to the opening and closing force limits as detailed in the British and European Standards. All our gates are All our gates are CE marked marked.

At the same time it is equally important that the gate installer consider any site specific hazards and address those accordingly, so that the complete installation and access control systems are inherently safe. There will always be issues between safety and security, which is why each site should be assessed on it's own merit. Further guidance in these matters is available on the HSE website at

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