Cantilever Sliding Gates

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Davidson and Pearson's range of steel cantilever sliding gates are suitable for openings up to 18.00m in a single leaf, or 36.00m as a bi-parting pair, and provide a high quality, robust solution for most types of commercial and industrial application. These gates are suitable for heavy duty applicatons and will provide a long service life with a minimum of maintenance.

We also have a lighter duty range of aluminium cantilever sliding gates which are suitable for openings up to 13.00m in one leaf or 26.00m as a bi-parting pair.

Our cantilever sliding gates are normally supplied with 'wrap around' full height steel guide posts that enclose the drive systems, and fully programmable control panel behind lockable steel access doors. An alternative 'half height' drive housing is also available.

All our cantilever gates are bespoke and are manufactured for specific site requirements, and they can accommodate crossfalls by utilising trapezoidal or parallelogram leaf construction. All gates are treated with our '3Plus' long term corrosion protection, comply with current safety requirements and come complete with fail safe buffers and photo-cells.

The big advantage of cantilever gates is they are unaffected by cambers, kerbs, ice, snow or debris.   

If required a full back up service can be provided for site surveys, design, installation, commissioning, and servicing. Free technical advice is always available at any stage, before, during or after installation.

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