Trackless Quikfold Bi-folding Speed Gates

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Trackless Quikfold bi-folding speed gates offer fast and secure vehicle control, whilst also maintaining pedestrian security.

The double leaf trackless Quikfold speed gate is suitable for openings up to 12.00m and single leaf versions up to 6.00m (depending on height and infill). The elctro-mechanical drive systems are capable of continuous operation and can be configured for simultaneous or individual operation and for both single and bi-directional traffic control.

As the name implies these fast acting bi-folding gates operate at approximately 1.00metre/second. Our trackless speed gates employ a clever lever system to synchronize the leaves, which together with the inverter equipped control panel, ensures very smooth operation. All trackless Quikfold speed gates are designed and built to suit specific sites.

The fully programmable control panel is normally installed behind a lockable steel door inside one of the hanging posts but it can also be supplied in a separate weatherproof enclosure for remote mounting if preferred.

The clear advantages of the trackless Quikfold speed gate are its speed of operation (reducing the likelihood of 'tailgating' and illegal pedestrian access) and, compared with conventional hinged gates, they require 50% of the operating space which is also helpful when  there is a road incline in the opening direction.

All trackless Quikfold speed gates have long term corrosion protection, comply with current European safety requirements and come complete with fail safe buffers and twin photo-cells.

For high security sites, or where gates are very high, top or bottom guide track versions are also available. 

If required a full back up service can be provided for site surveys, design, installation, commissioning and servicing. Free technical advice is always available at any stage, before, during or after installation.   

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