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Davidson and Pearson has a complete range of electro-mechanically operated rising arm barriers. They are designed and built as robust, yet economic general purpose traffic control barriers and to provide long service with minimum maintenance.  The pedestal cases have removable, lockable panels to give easy access to the drive system and the control panel. The boom is manufactured from aluminium tube, finished white with red reflective chevrons. There are no ugly external couterbalance weights as the boom is counterbalanced internally by coil springs.

Electro-mechanical drive systems can be provided with either a single or three phase motor, the latter of which is rated for continuous use. The gearboxes are maintenance free and 'sealed for life' which in the event of a power failure may be disconnected by a dog clutch for manual operation.  

The fully programmable control panels are able to accept inputs from all types of access control systems and can monitor the incoming mains voltage, motor running time, protection circuits, as well as record the number of barrier operations. It is also able to self diagnose circuit faults and interlock with another barrier. 

The control panels can also include inductive ground loop detectors,  generate status signals and control electro-magnetic locks. Additional optional items include floor mounted or pendular tip rests, aluminium skirts (below or above and below the boom), inverter power supply for soft start/soft stop, articulated booms for use where headroom is restricted and boom mounted signs and warning lights.

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